Audiofile Reviews

Narrator James (Anderson) Foster’s enthusiasm and sensitivity to every nuance make this a compelling audio. With both steadiness and phrasing verve, he holds this book together… Foster’s skill with this kind of deductive writing rivets attention and makes the authors’ principles and strategies even more compelling when they finally appear.   Earphones Award Winner


“While the novel’s intriguing opening–involving the unsolved mystery of a student’s disappearance–is certainly a grabber, it is as much Foster’s performance as it is the plot that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish.”



“Multiple narrators weave memorable character performances with increasingly tangled “strands” of events, along with an assortment of letters, memos, meetings, chat transcripts, and other communications media. Their distinct accents and intuitive pacing summon a magical blend of personalities and narrative.”


“The narrators’ easily discernible characters and expert timing build the suspense to a point that will have listeners leaning in to catch every terrified whisper and snarled revelation.”



“…narrator James Foster makes this audio an inviting way to learn about the skills of one of today’s most trendy historical figures–Alexander Hamilton. Foster’s calming performance will help listeners savor the nuanced transactions that led to the birth of our nation.”



“[James] enhances meaning for listeners as he uses emphasis and timing to tease out the nuances in the book’s legalese.”




“Midwestern outdoor journalist Bill Stokes wrote these seasonal newspaper columns in the 1950s-’60s. The narrators deliver them in a style that captures the sound and vocabulary of the period.”